the forgotten

the forgotten

a film about the traces we want to leave

why do we see ghosts?

It’s rarely the figures remembered by history that seem to haunt the present, but rather the ones who are forgotten, ignored or let down by their own societies, in their own time.

are we scared of being forgotten?

It’s a familiar idea, that unresolved pain or injustice keeps the dead from moving on. But whose loss, guilt or fear of being forgotten is it that keeps them here?

how do we leave our mark?

And in a city that’s changing, restructuring, gentrifying all the time, what traces of the unseen or uncared-for remain? How might they reassert themselves, with or without permission? 

about the forgotten

Whether or not you believe in the supernatural, everyone has their own ghost story – an unexplained encounter or sense of a presence that lingers, troubling them, even when they laugh about it or try to shrug it off as irrational.

At the same time, we are all looking for ways not to disappear, ways not to be invisible. To leave our mark – all the more so when we’re told we don’t have the right.

tell us your tale

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